Since 1987, The October Club has been transforming good causes.  With your support, long may we continue…

Our past charities have benefited enormously from the money we have raised for their transformational projects. If you would like your charity to benefit from our annual events, please fill out the application form.  




2023 - Schoolreaders

Schoolreaders was founded in 2013 and matches volunteers with local primary schools to provide free, one-to-one reading support sessions, with a focus on reaching the most disadvantaged children. 

They currently support over 17,000 children every week in more than 880 primary schools. 

In 2022, 1 in 4 children in England left primary school unable to read to the expected standard age 11*.  If a child leaves primary school unable to read properly their future life opportunities are compromised as they are unable to access their secondary schooling fully.  Poor literacy is linked to many longer-term issues in society such as poverty, homelessness, unemployment, mental and physical ill-health, and crime. Nearly two-thirds (62%) of people entering prisons have the literacy skills expected of an 11-year-old**.  1 in 7 adults in England (7.1 million people) have very poor literacy skills*** struggling with everyday tasks like reading a medicine label, interpreting simple written instructions, or filling out a job application form.  

“As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, Schoolreaders’ work has never been more vital. Weekly time with our volunteers makes a proven difference to a child’s reading ability, fluency, comprehension and, just as important, their love of reading and social skills. It connects people and helps build community.

We are absolutely delighted to be working with The October Club – their support will be transformational in reaching many thousands more children.  Our partnership will enable us to significantly expand our provision into the North of England.”

Jane Whitbread, Founder and CEO




2022 - Empire Fighting Chance

Empire Fighting Chance exist to support young people who face disadvantage and adversity. COVID-19 has intensified their struggles, with poverty rising in the neighbourhoods in which they work. The toll that poverty takes on individuals and their families is substantial and can include family breakdown, abuse and household dysfunction. Faced with conditions that are toxic to wellbeing, young people often struggle with their mental health. Their distress can be expressed in ways that can lead them into trouble rather than care and support, including poor behaviour in school, substance misuse and gang crime. Their multiple, complex issues prevent young people from engaging in education and employment and accessing traditional support services.

Empire Fighting Chance support young people through innovative programmes combining non-contact boxing training with psychology, therapy, and careers. They currently work with around 5,000 young people a year in Bristol, South Wales and across the South West. With support from The October Club the charity will expand its reach across the UK and aim to triple the number of young people benefiting from its services. Working with England Boxing, Empire Fighting Chance will recruit, train and support boxing clubs across the UK to deliver their sports-based mentoring programme; Training with the Champions. This 20-week programme combines boxing, mentoring and psychological support where young people are supported to set personal goals and take positive steps towards achieving them, such as leaving a gang or returning to school.

“The effects of the pandemic are not yet fully understood but we know that mental health issues and disadvantage have grown which is why the support of The October Club will be transformational. It will allow us to create a national network of community-based organisations supporting children who need it the most and to advocate for changes in the way we invest in community based services. It will transform and even save the lives of thousands more young people who will be able to access our 20-week programme combining boxing, mentoring and psychological support. Because of The October Club, thousands of young people will improve their mental and physical health, reduce their involvement in anti-social and criminal activities, and improve their engagement with education and employment – which is an absolutely amazing thing.”

Martin Bisp, CEO Empire Fighting Chance



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